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So haben Sie das Thema Sack noch nie erlebt

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Until 03 April 2022 we have winter break - 

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What should stand out must bebe unique - extraordinary - rustic.

According to this motto, the Nieheim local history association gave its new museum a distinctive sign under the name Sackmuseum - the world of the old and

new sacks - a museum of local history of a special kind.

The striking building, a brick building from 1908, built by the Jewish citizen Sali Ikenberg, housed a country store until the 1980s. Thousands of sacks were carried in and out of this house, filled with grain, seeds, artificial fertiliser, animal feed and the like. Sacks, pouches, bags are objects of daily use - in the past and today.

The above-mentioned specialization was developed from this fact:  

a museum of local history, whose appearance refers to the quality of its former use. The theme "sack" is the core of the museum, but beyond that, as a museum of local history, it also provides a great deal of information about the town's farming people, the history of the association, the life of the Jews in Nieheim, etc., thus linking the theme "home" with the theme "sack".